Deep breath. It’s dark. Snow is coming. A wintery mix they say. I’m on cup two. Strong coffee and Christmas lights in the windows.

I can hear my neighbor teaching his kindergarten class. They’re on to the days of the week now. The kids follow along, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday … I find myself following along too. It’s always good to practice. There’s also counting and the months of the year. Some other stuff that I can’t make out. Questions and answers out loud. Tiny voices of small people trying so hard to do a good job!! I hear how earnest they are and how he encourages them along.

There is some drama out in the park. The crows are swooping back and forth. From what I can only guess, they seem to be organizing the theft of the squirrel’s cache of scavenged half eaten toast and French fries.

I’m watching and listening and writing. Drinking my coffee and committing myself to some intentions for today. Straighten up. Start figuring out what to do with the bags of giveaway clothing. Write a few more cards. I’ve been listening to Miles Davis a lot lately. Maybe I should rethink that? Switch to Motown hits? Anything to shake it off!!

My phone just reminded me that tomorrow is the anniversary of dear Jody’s passing. In a dark winter night she slipped away. Then this summer Todd left us too. There has been a lot of loss. I sit with it. Is it wrong to feel so grateful to be here still? I stayed to watch the crows chase the hawk and steal the bread. I stayed to make coffee and the bed. To organize the books and hear Miles Davis improvising to a movie as he watched it. What wonders are all around!

Stay strong my friends, love wins.

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3 thoughts on “12-17-2020

  1. Always love read your post, your such a dear heart. Thank you for sharing your heart ❤️

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  2. Jody, Jody, Jody, what did you do. Joined the legions of our friends who just could not get it. Thanks for the reminder of her passing. I knew her since she was about 4 years old.

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