Ship of fools.

Foolish pride.

Fool’s paradise.

Man, you a fool.


Fooled around and fell in love.

You fooled me.

Don’t fool with me.

Great minds think alike, fools never differ.

Fooled me once.

Fool’s gold.

I no longer suffer fools gladly.

There’s no fool like an old fool.

No foolin’?

Stop fooling around!

A fool and his money.

I pity the fool.

What a fool believes.

I ain’t no fool.

I’m a fool for him.

A fool’s errand.

Fooled you.

Now who’s a fool?

Inches and seconds. Sometimes the edge is so close. This last time I felt it. The way Robin said he felt it. He would rub the side of his leg and say the desire was “this close”.

But then it passed and I was on the broad highway. It was a cloud. A storm. A dark day. Except it was a few weeks. Inches and seconds.

I ain’t no fool.

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