In Synch / Synch In.

Synchronicity 3-8-2019

I’m sitting in the den reading Alexander Chee, How to Write an Autobiographical Novel.

The AT&T technician calls to tell me that he is on his way. I ask his name, he says, Aaron.

When I hang up I return to the page in the book. The author, Alexander, is explaining that his college roommate and best friend is Aaron.

Synchronicity 3-9-2019

It’s morning. I’m reading more of Alexander Chee. He describes a class in which Annie Dillard tells him to go into the nearest book store and put his finger in the place where his book when published will be placed on the shelf. He does this. Then proceeds to do it in every bookstore he visits.

This afternoon I am reading an article in The New Yorker. The story is about a chef whose restaurant has been open only a few months. She puts post it notes up with the name of her restaurant & four stars drawn underneath. ****

The book gets published, the restaurant receives four stars.

I get up from my reading and write on a post it note, “Jami Peurala, Certified Neurogenic Yoga/ TRE Facilitator”. I stick it at eye level in this room.

Random. In an effort to remember and document synchronicities there seem to be more occurrences. Wondering if I happened into a “zone”? Mindfulness practices influence consciousness with planetary alignment? Or something like that. Maybe?

So, here’s the latest. A few days ago, or maybe last week Wade Gotwals made a post on Facebook about meeting Betsy Johnson in Mexico. There was a photo and a caption about her rental villas. I was thinking hmmmm, yes, maybe a good place for a retreat? Then yesterday I was in my parking lot near the gate when I saw something gold half buried in the dirt. When I got it untangled and cleaned up I realized that it is a Betsy Johnson charm necklace. On the back of the locket it reads, “Love Betsy”.

Also of note,

I wake up in the night. The digital clock reads 4:44. I smile at the random design of numbers. Often when I’m falling asleep at night I will play a game with myself. It will be ummm say, 12:21 and I’ll think okay, symmetry when I open my eyes again I want it to be 12:34. But then when I open them the moment has passed, it’s now 12:36 or something. I try and wait for 1:11.

So, anyway, the day after I noticed that it was 4:44 a friend who had just returned home from triple bypass surgery was describing how he was feeling and what was happening. He said that he was feeling pretty “well”. One odd thing he noticed was that he was seeing the number 444 everywhere. On street signs and buses. He looked the number up and learned that it had something to do with guardian angels.


Two nights ago I randomly decided to watch a doc about The Stones on tour in South America. The next day there was a note in the paper about The Stones canceling their upcoming tour.

On my mind? Well I woke up from a nap that I had to have because it was a perfect sunny afternoon. Had some cookies and an iced coffee. Then I remembered a synchronicity from the other day. Are you ready? Here it is, I was driving in my car. On the radio was the Bad Company song, Shooting Star. I hadn’t heard it in a million years. Then the chorus was stuck in my brain. Then last night as I was falling asleep I saw an actual shooting star fall across the sky. I kept looking out at the night sky for another. But then it was morning. 🌑💫🎼

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7 thoughts on “In Synch / Synch In.

  1. Ann Marie Villasana April 7, 2019 — 8:02 am

    Since reading this I have been noticing some synchronicities in my life as well. I went to the library this week and checked out Devil in the White City and the next day there was a post on HP Classics about the fair and the serial killer

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  2. Re-read. When people put their thoughts mindfully to paper it can be so delightfully intimate and liberating. You have done so just as I hope to do in my writings.

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  3. In a brief discussion with a friend, I mentioned that my dad had a unusual accent. I then told her that, when listening to an interview he did with Studs Terkel, I realized that, had I not known it was my dad, I might not have recognized it was his voice. I then had to tell her who Terkel was. Minutes later, I turned on NPR and the host just happened to mention to an excerpt from Studs Terkel’s book Working.

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    1. Cool! I have a great picture of Studs and my mother chatting.


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