…random, totally random.

Someone told me the other day that scrunchies were no longer cool. I said, what am I supposed to use then? She said, a regular rubber band. Seriously, is that fake news? I can remember my mother torturing me while she tried to disentangle my hair from a regular rubber band because I wouldn’t let her just cut it out. Horrible experience. I have had a life time of horrible hair implement disasters. Barrettes that snap open, rubber band tangles, hair pins flying across the stage while performing chaines turns. When someone came up with scrunchies my life changed immediately.

I met a man today. It was while I was out walking on the old steel mill land. He had parked and was standing sort of behind the “for sale” sign. I asked him what he was doing there. He said that he was imbuing the sign wth a prayer. He had stood there with his hand on the sign saying a prayer. Then I asked him what the prayer was about and he told me that it was about acquiring the land for his not for profit organization. Wow, I said. Interesting, I said. Then he walked with me for a while telling me about his grand plan. I thought that it was pretty good. I told him that I had the idea to buy a little part of the land over so to the north of where we were walking. I told him that I had the idea of building a compound where I could live and have a yoga center for the community. I told him that sometimes when I’m walking I make that a prayer. He thought my ideas aligned with his. Then I took his card and said goodbye. The spot that I like actually aligns exactly with the spire of St. Michael’s and due north across Lake Michigan. Alignment can be important.

So tomorrow I’m going to speak at a meeting about my experience, strength and hope to a group of friends. I’m not nervous. I don’t get too nervous any longer. I mean my body shakes as if I’m nervous. But I’m not. It’s just my misbehaving nervous system. I have the practice of stilling myself down with my breath. Pausing after the inhale for a beat or two, pausing at the exhale for a beat or two. I ask myself, Jami, do you feel safe here? Are you in your body? I pause and wait for an answer. All is well. Everything is unfolding in divine right order. I have been on a journey and this is just a report of where I am. Right here right now.

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