Post it, post op.

In a dream, I’m in a swimming pool. A hawk is hunting overhead. It catches a small bird and drops it by me in the water.

I realize that it’s a gift but it startles me. Then I see that the bird is alive. It splashed in the pool for a second and flew away.

Also, a few weeks ago after one of our big snows I looked out my kitchen window and saw a Red Tail Hawk sitting on the banister. I watched it for a minute before it flew away.

I felt incredibly privileged to have been the gift of that visit.

Last night we got some more snow. The air is still. My heart is beating at 76bpm. That’s down from the 140’s on Monday before I went to the hospital. I had been so uncomfortable and worried for weeks. I feel incredibly grateful to be the recipient of such impeccable medical care. Being able, under Medicare to have two heart procedures within six months of each other is a right we should all have as humans.

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1 thought on “Post it, post op.

  1. So happy the “procedure” went well, Jami!

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