He loved Gregory Isaacs. We sat in fire ants at Reggae Sunsplash waiting for him to show up, which he finally did after midnight. Todd knew him from…? Lord knows. We ran into him on the beach in Negril once. He was babysitting Axel Rose who wasn’t feeling too well that morning. Gregory hugged me and left his aftershave on my shirt. It never washed out. Those were the years we stayed at Mr. James’ cottages on the beach. We ate banana bread and patties. The Border was his favorite song. Still is mine. I think that I have it on every playlist? Sometimes Todd would dial my number from across the country and just let the song play into the phone. Then hang up. His way of letting me know a ‘thought’ had crossed his mind.

He was a gifted carrier of the message of sobriety. He helped hundreds if not thousands of people find a path to a sober life. He worked tirelessly without prejudice or judgment for the truly downtrodden. He will be missed. His message will live on.

Our romance ended twenty five years before he died. We remained connected on another plane. It was just something. Looking back it seems like there must have been an alignment of the planets. Then they parted. Very brief but perfect. Not in the way you might imagine. Perfect in that it propelled each of us into our own orbit. Separate orbits. All good. No regrets.

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