It’s a Tuesday in July.

It was really hot over the weekend. I got sick. So now I am finally doing the laundry. Three loads in the dryer and three more loads in the washers. This happens sometimes. I get behind on the chores. I was talking to a friend of mine about something that I had in mind to write. It was sort of along the lines of how solitary my life feels. Like no one really knows when I do the laundry or what I had for breakfast or, or anything. She said, no one wants to hear about that! I was taken aback. Maybe I just want to be heard…or seen or something? Did she ever think of that before she blurted out that no one is interested in the minutiae of my life?

I suppose it doesn’t matter. Not, as they say, In The Big Picture.

Everything is fine. I have my challenges and you have yours. I have been feeling as if I have lost some momentum. It’s only a moment. The moment will pass.

The laundry is finished and the cicadas are singing. It’s that magical moment right before sunset. The light is fading. I feel safe.

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